How Lytec (and PSS) will help you handle the ICD-10 implementation

How is Mckesson to handle the upcoming switch to ICD10 with Lytec and Medisoft, which is scheduled for October 1st of 2015?

Answer: Lytec 2015 and Medisoft Version 20 have the capability of sending BOTH ICD9 as well as ICD10 codes. In addition, they are offering a built in tool which will help load your system with ICD10 codes based on the CMS General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) file. This means you will be able to start coding in ICD10 well before the switchover date, thereby minimizing the impact to your practice. The YouTube video below uses Lytec to give you a brief overview of how the tool will help you with the implementation of ICD-10 codes. The Medisoft tool works similarly.

How do I handle the much larger super bills that I will need to create now that ICD10 has so many more codes than ICD9 did?

While ultimately we recommend either Mckesson Practice Choice web based EHR, or the Client\Server LytecMD or Medisoft Clinical EHRs for coding claims with ICD10, we recognize that switching to an EHR solution is not the easiest solution for all offices. That is why Mckesson came out with the Mobile charge capture application for iPhone and iPad. With this app, Lytec and Medisoft users can customize an electronic Superbill on their iPhone or iPad and use it to view their schedule and patients, and submit electronic super bills directly to Lytec and Medisoft. You can find a video on the Mobile app here:

I understand that the codes are longer, and that there are more of them. I am a small practice that has very few ICD9 codes anyway. Why should I be concerned at all about ICD10?

ICD-10 will have significant impact on your practice. CMS is recommending that practices have between 60 to 90 days cash in reserves for when the October 1st deadline hits. It is not just billers and coders who will be affected by ICD-10.  Everyone in the office will be affected, from the front desk to the physicians, as documentation will need to be much more specific than with ICD9. A large subset of the ICD10 codes deals with causality, which requires us to retrain our staff to ask questions we don’t normally ask. The following articles from ICD10 Watch are an excellent source of information regarding that impact.

 What versions of Lytec, LytecMD, Medisoft, and Medisoft Clinical are ICD10 compliant?

LytecMD and Medisoft Clinical Versions 11, which were released in the first quarter of 2014, are both meaningful use stage 2 certified and ICD10 compliant. The reporting period for attestation for 2014 is a Medicare quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec) whether attesting for Stage 1 or Stage 2.

Lytec versions 2014 and 2015 are both ICD10 compliant, though the mobile app in 2015 is far superior to the one in 2014, as it allows you to add patients and appointments, and works on an Android tablet.

Medisoft version 19 and version 20 are likewise both ICD10 compliant, and just like Lytec, version 20 has the improved mobile application.